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About us


For over 30 years

Legnomo began its activity in 1987 to help support our little farm with the construction of toys.

Our work and the contact with the earth and plants pushed us to research natural dyes and treatments. We do our best to work with wood while respecting forests and the health of those who use our finished products.


My first contact with woodworking occurred by chance during a trip to Sri Lanka in 1982.

Curious about the local production of traditional masks I asked an artisan if he was willing to teach me the techniques. Later, while studying at the university in Perugia I was fascinated by the artisans’ workshops in the historic center of town. It was a collaboration of different types of expertise: woodcarvers, lathe turners, cabinetmakers, polishers, gilders, and restorers. A world of knowledge sadly destined to disappear.
From there I decided to pass into action and, with friends, took over an old carpentry workshop where, with the help of all the experts around us, we began the production of furniture made to order.
Some years later, with the arrival of our children, together with Sabine we began to develop the idea to make wooden toys


I’ve always been curious about the vision of the world in a growing child.

I have a strong interest in whatever occurs during the path of development and how this is expressed verbally, pictorially, and in the play of children.
Besides my uncompleted studies of pedagogy, art history and ancient history, in the past I have had the occasion to work with weaving, woodworking, ceramics and jewelry making.
After the birth of my daughter and son I decided that occupying myself with making toys would become my main path.